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Our professional power washing services in Dillsburg, PA remove years of dirty grime, and unsightly yellowing, and get to the source with proven techniques that are gentle and highly effective. Instead of investing in new siding, costly decking, or replacing the entire patio or walkway, our power washing services are a better way to save money while unearthing the beautiful property features hiding beneath the mess. 

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Our balanced approach to pressure washing begins with organized planning and years of experience caring for a greater variety of surface materials. Our commercial-grade pressure washing equipment is great for brick, concrete, wood, and any other material that you need us to clean. In combination with our safe and powerful detergent, our advanced equipment can cut through deeply entrenched junk, effectively restoring most surface materials to their original appearance and quality.

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While the remarkably clean results will be the same, we approach every pressure washing project with personalized evaluations to actively protect our clients’ property. For sensitive wood, we utilize warm water soaking and carefully controlled pressure to avoid damaging fragile structures. For tough to clean surfaces like concrete and brick, our high-volume pressure washing penetrates deep within the porous layers, uprooting and flushing out any dangerous mildew or mold from the foundation. Our thorough processes can prolong the life of your materials, while simultaneously reducing the frequency you need to clean by solving the source of the problem. 

power washing dillsburg pa

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Simply let us know which type of cleaning you need, or tell us about the issue and we’ll come up with an affordable plan of action. 

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Proudly serving all of Dillsburg, PA, and the surrounding areas, uplifting the visual appeal of your exteriors is more accessible and affordable at Bigfoot. Our responsive technicians provide incredibly fast service for both scheduled and urgent clean-up needs, or you can take advantage of our power washing in Dover and Dillsburg, PA for routine cleanings to maintain a brighter and cleaner aesthetic for years to come. 

Rejuvenating the appearance of your property is one of the best reasons to work with us, and with every fast and friendly pressure washing service in Dillsburg, PA, you can also expect:

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