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One of the certainties of life is DIRT!

But what kind of dirt accumulates on your siding, concrete walkways, driveways, decks, and windows? With over 25 years of experience, we do an analysis to determine the most likely cause of the grime and dirt on your house. Is it…



Road film?



Oxidation of your siding?


Oil spots?

This is important in order to effectively treat your home, properly clean it, and allow it to stay cleaner, longer.


Here’s what we do for your precious property:

Evaluate the type of grime to get rid of.

Determine the proper cleaning solution for the grime and your surrounding landscape.

Protect the surrounding area by a quick saturation of cool water.

Apply a deep cleaning solution that will lift the dirt, suspending it in the solution.

Rinse with warm, heated water to rinse away the grime.

Re-rinse the surrounding plants with another quick saturation of water to make sure any over-spray of the solution is properly diluted to safe levels for your plants and pets.
(This isn’t always necessary, but we do it anyway for peace of mind.)

House Washing FAQ’s

Well, when you wash your dishes, do you use warm or cold water? That’s why we provide warm to hot water, to be more effective in washing away the grime on your home.

  • Specific portions of a particular wall. The whole side or wall needs to be cleaned due to the nature of power washing.
  • Complete stripping of masonry surfaces.
  • Paint stripping of the main part of your home. We only offer complete stripping services for your deck, if needed.
  • Applications of protective and sacrificial coatings to ensure longer-lasting results and an easier maintenance schedule.
  • Annual cleaning agreements with a 3-year price guarantee.

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